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An off-white linen notecard and bright red envelope lie flat on a wooden background. The card says, "My friend, I love you more than..." across the top with a few different sayings/suggestions below of choices to complete the sentiment. By Stationare.
An off-white card is coming out of a red envelope. On the card, it says, "My friend, I love you more than..." with an array of options like "my favorite bottle of wine" to complete the sentiment. Valentine's Day card by Stationare.
A closeup photo of an off-white card with block printing of "a warm, sunny day by the pool" lies on top of a red envelope and wood background. Portions of other sayings are shown, and at the bottom of the card, it reads "with love." Valentine card by Stationare.


Love you more than — Notecard

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My friend, I love you more than...

Have some fun with your Valentines this year by sending this cute, fun card that expresses just how much you love them! More than your favorite bottle of wine? Better than cancelled plans or an unexpected day off? Let them know this Valentine's Day as a whole new way to express how much you care... and be sure to get them to smile in the process.

Flat notecards on an off-white linen cardstock
Bright red envelopes
A2 size (4 3/8 x 5 3/4 envelope)
6 cards and envelopes per pack