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Comp image of Holiday sticker gift tags and notecards by Stationare. Baked with love sticker gift tag. Merry Christmas Gift tag. Funny Christmas cards from the Christmas Chuckles collection by Stationare.

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Tree isn't only thing getting lit — Cocktail Napkin

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Are you the person that stops for a card on the way to the party?

Stationare's notecard collections ensure that you have the right card - on hand - whenever you need it. Thank you notes, birthday cards, sympathy cards and beyond. You're covered. No more rushed panic. You don't have the time for that.

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I recently moved from Chicago to my home state of Ohio after 8 yrs. This change was a difficult, sudden & sad decision to make as I knew saying fairwells to my friends would be nearly impossible. As my moving date rapidly approached I searched high & low for the 'perfect' cards, eventually leading me to Erin's store! I cannot express just how HAPPY my experience made me! The cards were tastefully simple, yet very beautiful. The selected sayings were powerful, perfectly capturing cherished qualities of my amazing friendships.

- Victoria


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