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White tilted cocktail napkin on a gray wooden background. The napkin reads, "hey Boo!" with a small pumpkin in shiny orange foil.
Straight-on view of a white napkin with shiny, orange copper foil printing. The printing reads, "hey, Boo!" with a small pumpkin above the word, Boo.
Closeup view of a white cocktail napkin with shiny, orange foil that reads, "hey Boo." A small orange pumpkin sits above the word, boo.


hey, Boo — Halloween Cocktail Napkin

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"hey, Boo"

Add a special touch to your Halloween party, Trick-or-Treating get-together with neighbors or to simply honor your love of the spooky season with these cute cocktail napkins! Printed on a bright white napkin, the shiny orange copper foil pops, especially when it catches the light, so they're sure to stand-out on any table!


20 napkins per set
Size: 5x5 inches folded, 10x10 inches open
Stock: 30% post-consumer recycled, 3-ply tissue
Printing: metallic foil

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