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brown charcuterie board cocktail napkin by stationare
closeup of brown charcuterie board cocktail napkin by stationare


Charcuterie Boards — Brown Cocktail Napkin

"Charcuterie Boards: Where Self-Control and Good Intentions Go to Die"

We all go into it with good intentions! We'll eat the fruit - we tell ourselves. Nuts! They're healthy. We'll eat those. Cheese is from milk, which is a food group... as is meat... and well, we all see (and know) how this is going.

But we tried, right?

Add these napkins into the mix for your next charcuterie-based gathering (or to enjoy the board you built for yourself, no one judges here) to get a chuckle of relief out of your guests, so they know to kick back and ENJOY!


20 napkins per set
Size: 5x5 inches folded, 10x10 inches open
Stock: 30% post-consumer recycled, 3-ply tissue
Printing: metallic foil

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