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Six white notecards are overlapping on a wooden background. Each card has an inspiring note to encourage new mothers or moms with a new baby. New Moms collection by Stationare.
deep in your soul you know new mom card by Stationare
end of day if everyone is alive and loved card by Stationare
days may be really tough but so are you card by Stationare
forget all the things you think you're doing wrong card by Stationare
strongest most beautiful woman I know card by Stationare
total badass that's rocking new mom thing card by Stationare


New Moms Notecards

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For the new moms in your life... those that are powering through the sleepless nights and need a reminder of how amazing they are...

Notecards on bright white cardstock and white envelopes.
A2 size (4 3/8 x 5 ¾ envelope)

Choose between a full pack (2 cards with each quote below) or a half pack (1 card with each quote below):

At the end of the day... if everyone is alive and loved, you've succeeded.

Forget all the things you think you've done wrong... and focus on the millions of things you're doing right. You're an amazing mom. Don't ever forget it.

You don't need the approval of others. Deep in your soul you know what to do. Trust it. Act on it. Don't look back. "Mom" is a role you were meant to have and you're doing great.

You may feel despair over the sleepless nights, the endless amount of poop, and the constant needs of your newborn, but you are still the strongest, most beautiful woman I know, and I couldn't be more proud of the mother you have become.

You may look in the mirror and see unwashed hair, bags under your eyes and new lines from worry... but the rest of us see a total badass that's rocking this new mom thing.

These days may be really tough... but so are you. You're rocking this "new mom" thing.


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