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Five Notecards to Have On-Hand

Life happens quickly… Be ready to honor your loved ones’ special, sentimental, and life-changing moments as they come! Whether you’re looking for a card to accompany a gift or simply want to send a note at an important time, here are five different notecards to have on-hand at all times:

Sure, you could easily add a gift tag to your present with the simple “to” and “from,” but adding a card that speaks to your friendship or makes your Mom feel loved on her special day makes a far greater impression! From humorous to sentimental, birthdays are our primary reason for sending/giving cards. On the flip side as a recipient, I’ve kept quite a few birthday cards over the years, and I’m glad I did — especially now that people like my grandparents are no longer here with me.

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From a birthday gift to an interview follow-up to your best friend’s kind gesture when you needed it most, what seems like a simple thank you note can go a long way. Make sure those you appreciate and are grateful for know how much you appreciate them. Thank you notes are far from out of style! In fact, this “old school” gesture stands out even more in our current electronic texting-friendly world! Mailing a handwritten note takes time and effort, which certainly shows that you’re truly thankful!  

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Losing someone meaningful can happen quickly and finding the right words of comfort can be challenging. Remove the rush of finding “the right” card by having a few options with ranging, heartfelt sentiments at home, so if you need to send some love and support quickly, you can. Every loss may be different, but the need for support at this challenging time is consistent.
My personal approach – I may send a note when I first find out about the loss, but I like to send one a few weeks later once things calm down. It’s usually when the initial spiral is done that someone appreciates and needs the sentiment most.

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We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time, and our friends and family are no exception. Planning some time together always helps during a challenging time, but sometimes it’s not possible — or a tangible keepsake of your encouragement could be exactly what someone needs. Send a powerful note that makes the recipient know how much you care, and in turn, provide them with something that they can bring out and read anytime they need a little extra support and reminder that you’re there for them.

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In the hustle of deciding what to wear, arranging for babysitters, figuring out transportation and finalizing plans, it’s common that buying the couple’s card can get lost in the shuffle – resulting in picking one up from the grocery store before the reception (surely, I’m not the only one that’s done this…) or sending it after the fact! With a few wedding/love-themed cards in your desk, remove one element of the last-minute shuffle and have the couple’s card ready to go!

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These are my Top 5 cards to have on-hand, but what are your thoughts? Am I missing an important occasion where you like to send a note? ... And all of that aside.... is anyone else like me and get caught in the last minute rush to find a card when I need one?! 

- Erin