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meetings could have been an email notecard by stationare
not sure what day it is or how long since I washed my hair but I miss you notecard by stationare
exciting things I've been doing like arranging my sock drawer notecard by stationare
step aside coffee now is the time for mimosas by stationare
and yet I'm still losing the war against dog hair notecard by stationare
just checking in cause I figure you miss me notecard by stationare
quarantine gourmet adding a banana to your cheerios notecard by stationare
just saying hello at this time of quarantine notecard by stationare
isolation can be tough love you miss you call away notecard by stationare
greetings from my quarantine bunker to yours notecard by stationare
and just like that beer-thirty came even earlier notecard by stationare
overcame daunting challenge cleaned out the attic notecard by stationare


Quarantine Collection

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Spreading hope, support and laughs as we all work through COVID-19's quarantine. Let's do our best to stay positive! We're all in this together...

12 notecards on bright white cardstock and white envelopes.
A2 size (4 3/8 x 5 ¾ envelope)

The package includes 1 of each quote:

All it takes is a global pandemic... to prove that all of those meetings could have been emails after all. #QuarantineLife

and just like that... beer-thirty came even earlier. #QuarantineLife

just checking in ('cause I figure you really miss me by now)

I can't wait to see you again... so I can tell you about all the exciting things I've been up to... like arranging my sock drawer... by color. #QuarantineLife

quarantine gourmet: adding a banana to your cheerios (here's to sharing a real meal together soon!)

Greetings! from my quarantine bunker to yours!

Isolation can be tough on anyone. I just wanted to let you know that I love you, I'm thinking of you, I'm a call away and I'm looking forward to hanging out in person again soon!

just saying hello... This time of quarantine makes us all a little (lot) stir-crazy... but it also gives us time to sit back and think about those that mean the most to us. Love you. Miss you. See you soon!

Step aside, coffee. Now is the time for mimosas. #QuarantineLife

All this time at home... I'm unable to go anywhere, and yet I'm still losing the war against pet hair. #QuarantineConfessions

I overcame a daunting challenge today. I engaged in a war with the odds stacked against me. There were times I thought about raising the white flag; the light at the end of the tunnel — gone. But I dug deep. I forged ahead... regardless of the climb and the tight space. and I won!! I cleaned out the attic. #QuarantineLife

I'm not sure what day it is or how long it's been since I washed my hair... but I know that I miss you, and I look forward to seeing you as soon as I can! #QuarantineLife


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